TidyX 25: Intro to Shiny Apps

This week, Ellis Hughes and I begin a series on building Shiny apps. We’ve built several Shiny apps in the past (for example TidyX 3 or TidyX 24) but always feel rushed to explain some of the fundamental coding that is necessary for people to get off the ground. As such, and because the syntax for Shiny apps can be a little funky, we decided to create a series where we of episodes on Shiny apps where we will take a data set and iteratively build a Shiny app from scratch.

In this week’s episode we help get you off the ground with your first Shiny app by walking you through my very own starter template. When I sit down to develop a Shiny app (which is pretty much weekly at this point) I always start with this exact template just to help me get going and get the data showing up in a webpage. From there I begin to customize the app based on need.

To watch the screen cast, CLICK HERE.

For our code, CLICK HERE.