Website Review: Fitness Research Review Service

With so much research constantly coming out every month in field of health and human performance it can be overwhelming trying to stay up to date.  In an effort to keep people current, Dr. Shawn Thistle has put together an extremely valuable website – Fitness Research Review Service.

How RRS-Fitness works:

Every week, RRS posts 1-2 new reviews which analyze, contextualize, and put into practice the findings of a recently published scientific article from industry-leading peer-reviewed journals.

Each review takes 5-10 minutes to read and focuses on the practical application of results and functional knowledge of research methodology.  The reviews are all contained in a database that subscribers have full access to (it now contains > 175 reviews!).

Topical content is varied and comprehensive, ranging from exercise sciences to sports injuries and rehabilitation.

The overall goal of RRS-Fitness is to increase knowledge translation from the scientific literature to those in contact with clients in all types of exercise and training environments.

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to RRS-Fitness:

1) Weekly reviews of the latest research.
2) Quickly read and applicable information in the comfort of your home or office.
3) Affordable subscription rates compared to attending conferences.
4) Large database of existing reviews.
5) Save your time, stay current, and improve your results!


Fitness Research Review Service is an excellent resource for professionals looking to stay current with what is going on in the research community and helps gives us an understanding of how to put the research into practical/everyday application.

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