TidyX Episode 18: Random Forests

In this weeks episode of TidyX, Ellis Hughes and breakdown the code that Dr. Nyssa Silbiger wrote to produce some lollipop plots with little coffee beans at the end of each one in order to get int the theme of the coffee rating data set provided by the TidyTuesday Project this week.

After that, we discuss Random Forests and, using the {randomForest} package in R, we create a Random Forest classifier to classify the coffee ratings of each cup based on a number of features. We walk through:

1. Data prep/cleaning
2. Exploratory analysis with visualizations
3. Random splitting of data into training and testing sets
4. Model building
5. Model testing and evaluation

If you’d like to watch the full screen cast, CLICK HERE.

For the code we used in the analysis, CLICK HERE.