TidyX Episode 111: Interview with Data Scientist Nate Latshaw

This week, Ellis Hughes and I have the pleasure of interview, Nate Latshaw. Nate is an extraordinary data scientist who does a ton of amazing public analysis on all of the UFC fights and shares his work freely on Twitter.

We start by having Nate take us through one of the UFC fighter plots he commonly presents. What’s exciting about this is that Nate uses some different R-packages that we haven’t touched on in the past 110 episodes. For instance, Nate tends to work more in {data.table} instead of {tidyverse} for all of his data manipulation needs. Additionally, to organize the figures and tables in his fighter report, he builds his tables in {ggtextable} and organizes everything with {ggpubr} into the report you see below. After Nate walks us through some code we have an interview talking about his background, how he got into data science, and his recommendations for how others can break into data science.

To watch the screen cast, CLICK HERE.

To access Nate’s code, CLICK HERE.