TidyX 86: Tidymodels Interview with Julia Silge

Ellis Hughes and I have just completed 9 straight episodes on building a machine learning framework with {tidymodels}. What better way to wrap up this series than with our tenth episode being an interview with none other than, Julia Silge!

Julia is one of the main developers of the {tidymodels} package and continues to be a great ambassador of all things R, educating people along the way with her weekly screen casts.

In this episode we:

  1. Discuss Julia’s background and how she got into working for R studio.
  2. We walk through one of her blog posts on using racing methods to tune XGBoost models.
  3. As we walk through the blog post we discuss some of the functionality of {tidymodels} and learn a bit about Julia’s approach to working on data science projects.
  4. Finally, we wrap up with Julia offering some pearls of wisdom to those looking to get into the field.

To watch our interview with Julia Silge, CLICK HERE.