Tidymodels model fitting template

We recently completed a 10 episode series on the Tidy Explained screen cast about building models within the {tidymodels} framework of R.

To tie it the series together I put together an RMarkdown file that walks through the model fitting process in {tidymodels}. The RMarkdown template provides a step-by-step process that one can take when building {tidymodels} on their own data.

If you knit the RMarkdown template, you will get an html report that covers the basics of:

  • Splitting data into training, testing, and cross validation sets
  • Specifying models
  • Pre-processing with model recipes
  • Setting up workflows and workflowsets
  • Fitting models and parameter tuning
  • Evaluating model outputs
  • Making predictions on test data
  • Saving the model workflow for future model deployment
  • Loading the saved model workflow and deploying it on a new data set

To access the template, go to my GITHUB page.

Below are the 10 {tidymodels} episodes we did on Tidy Explained if you’d like to see the processes performed in real time:

TidyX 77: Intro to tidymodels
TidyX 78: Splits & Recipes
TidyX 79: Cross-Validation & Model Metrics
TidyX 80: Tuning Decision Trees
TidyX 81: Logistic Regression
TidyX 82: Random Forest Classifier
TidyX 83: Naive Bayes Classifier
TidyX 84: Workflowsets
TidyX 85: Workflowsets & Parameter Tuning
TIdyX 86: Tidymodels interview with Julia Silge