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In the Spring of 2012, Joel Jamieson, Charlie Weingroff and I held a workshop in Seattle, which we filmed and later released as a 6-DVD set. We’ve recently partnered with to offer each video individually as an instant download, complete with presentation slides as PDF files.


Patrick shares his views on what the “physiological buzzer zone” is and how stress, fitness, fatigue and training all play a role in how athlete responds to training. This lecture will cover Patrick’s model of adaptation, injuries, and give the overall foundation of how the questions of training should be approached.

  • Understanding stress resistance in training and sports performance
  • What you need to know about stress and the autonomic nervous system
  • The concept of the physiological buffer zone and its role in stress and training
  • Reasons for injury: poor movement, inappropriate program design, stress management


Patrick’s second lecture on the concept of the physiological buzzer zone will take you deep into practical examples of how to apply this concept the real world of training. Extensive examples are given of how to organize training to maximize an athlete’s buffer zone to ensure both maximal performance and minimal chance of injury.

  • Program design and management ideas
  • The most effective methods to enhance the physiological buffer zone
  • Differences and similarities in program design concepts of various coaches
  • How to shift the focus in your program to what you are trying to achieve physiologically

You can also download Charlie Weingroff and Joel Jamieson’s presentations and slides individually:

Or you can pick up the full 6-DVD set or stream online at

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