Product Review: The Rotater

One of the members on our forum is currently going through rehab for a labrum repair. He has been documenting everything going on in his physical therapy and rehab, including exercises, soft tissue therapy, and how he feels in general about the whole process.

Along the way, he mentioned that his therpist had him stretching out with a product called The Rotater. I was not familiar with the product so I decided to check it out.

The Rotater is a light, L-shaped piece of equipment that is used to help the client passively stretch their shoulder into either external or internal rotation by pushing gently on the Y-shaped side. In addition to that, there is a piece of thera-tubing which can be looped into any one of the 6-holes and can be used to provide resistance for the client to strength internal and external rotation.


The Rotater is versatile in that it allows the client to move in a variety of planes in order to obtain a stretch. It is very comfortable to use and the 6-holes easily allow you to adjust the wrist strap or thera-tubing for any size arm. Because of the design, clients can comfortably attain a stretch position and hold for extended period of time with ease.

The product comes with the the wrist wrap, thera-tubing, a paper document showing how to set the equipment up and a DVD explaining the different positions that The Rotater can be used in.

If you work with people who need help with either external or internal shoulder flexibility or strength, you may want to consider The Rotater for your clinic or gym. Or, as a supplemental piece for the clients to keep at home as part of their self-care program.

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