Functional Anatomical Palpation and Functional Range Release Seminar Coming to Portland, OR!

I’m excited to announce that Dr. Andreo Spina will be coming to Portland, OR, March 21-13, to offer the Lower Extremity Course of the Functional Anatomy Seminar Series.

The course is a 3 day course covering both anatomical palpation and Functional Range Release treatment to the lower extremity. In addition to this, 2-weeks prior to the course, attendees will receive log in information to the Functional Anatomy Seminars website where they can watch several pre-course videos on the system and treatment method that Dr. Spina has created.

I am extremely excited to be bringing this course to Portland as Dr. Spina is starting to present more in the United States and I believe he has some great stuff to offer. A year ago I attended the Functional Anatomical Palpation course for the lower extremity and it was one of the best soft tissue therapy courses I have ever attended. My review of the course can be found HERE. The course is excellent for chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists and one of the things I like best about the course is that Dr. Spina doesn’t teach a bunch of techniques, rather, he presents an entire system and the reasons behind why he does what he does in treatment.

I’ll have an interview with Dr. Spina up in the coming weeks but in the meantime I encourage you to check out his BLOG, which is loaded with great content regarding soft tissue and movement therapies.

If you are interested in signing up for the course you can do so HERE. There is an early bird discount and I expect that this course will fill up fast.

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