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TidyX 77: Intro to tidymodels

Ellis Hughes and I just wrapped up our series on using SQL in R and have decided to move on to doing a series on tidymodels.

For those that don’t know, tidymodels is an approach to building machine learning models in R using tidyverse principles. Up until this point, most of our model building has been in either the native package for the given model or using the caret package (which tidymodels has now replaced). So, we are super excited to get into the tidymodels framework and learn along with you! Each week we will try and build on a different component of modeling within tidymodels.

This first week is a basic introduction to tidymodels and the broom package (which is automatically loaded with tidymodels). We cover how to set up the model and obtain the model outputs in a nice tidy manner.

To watch our screen cast, CLICK HERE.

To access our code, CLICK HERE.

TidyX 76: Polling databases for a multi-user interactive shiny table

Ellis Hughes and I wrap up our SQL database/shiny series by taking a question from one of our viewers.

In TidyX 75, we built a {shiny} app that allowed the user to update a table and save the results back to the database. One of the viewers asked if we could address the issue of multiple users editing the table simultaneously, ultimately canceling out the notes that they are both writing to the database. So, we have addressed this in our recent episode.

To watch the screen cast, CLICK HERE.

To access the code, CLICK HERE.