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Interviewed on the BA Podcast

Andy Deas and Clifton Harski of the BA Podcast were nice enough to ask me to be a guest on the show a couple days ago.

The main topic we discussed was Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and some ideas on applying it and using it to help guide your training.

To listen to the podcast click HERE.

HRV Roundtable

Several months back I was asked to be a part of a roundtable discussion on Heart Rate Variability conducted by Craig Weller for

The roundtable included a number of other industry experts (a group of individuals I am happy to be included in):

- Andrew Flatt
- Joel Jamieson
- Simon Wegerif
- Jonathan Pope
- Mike T. Nelson
- James Heathers
- Dave Tenney

Big thanks for Craig Weller for putting this together.

If you are interested in reading the roundtable discussion CLICK HERE.

Interviewed by Paul Fabritz

Having been in this industry for almost twelve years now I always think back to the professionals older then I who were generous with their time to sit down, talk shop, and answer my questions. As a way to give back I always try to make time for individuals who want to meet up with me for a cup of coffee to talk shop, especially if they are younger coaches who are up and coming and hoping to get some questions answered.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with a young strength coach, Paul Fabritz, who is finishing up his bachelors degree at Arizona State University. Paul asked to meet me for coffee to ask me some questions about program design and energy system training. What was most impressive is that I didn’t even know I was being interviewed! Not once did Paul pull out a piece of paper to write on and he wasn’t recording anything either. We had an hour long conversation and he went home and wrote the answers to my questions out right off the top of his head!

To check out the interview CLICK HERE.

Interviewed by Mike Robertson

This past week I was interviewed by my friend and colleague Mike Robertson.

It is always an honor to get asked to do these things and hopefully my answers provide some good food for though. Some of the topics we covered include:

  • My background
  • Training and Sports Massage
  • My concepts on the Physiological Buffer Zone (which are laid out in greater detail in the new DVD coming out that I did with Charlie Weingroff and Joel Jamieson)

To read the entire interview CLICK HERE.